Indrani Bhattacharjee

Digital Marketing Expert | Brand Management | 5+ years of experience


social media management
A digital marketing enthusiast who always believes in coalescing creativity with analytics to forge a successful marketing solution. With over 5 years of industry experience and more than 2 years in the digital marketing industry, I am looking to learn more and delve deeper to understand, asses and apply my knowledge to create value for organizations investing in online marketing.

Key Responsibilities in my last role:
1. Strategising the social media campaigns and branding
2. handling a team of designers, developers and SEO experts to create implement the online advertising, campaigns and website changes
3. Strategizing content for PR activities for clients
4. Reporting ROI and online engagement to the Clients on weekly basis along with monthly reports
5. Discussing ways to improve brand presence and new ways to advertise new products
6. Creating website layout design along with content as per the product/service
7. Pitching to new clients for digital marketing services
Ads that matter

This will include: Google and Bing Ads Google Ads Management GA reporting

The high ranker

This service will include Website performance analysis Search Engine Optimization Website Content optimization

The Innovative Social Media Expert

Social Media reputation management Social Media Analytics Social Media campaign management


Account Manager at Ittisa DIgital Media Services

Jul 2016 - Feb 2018

Worked with more than 13 clients ranging from e-commerce, FMCG, recruitment company, Software company and hospitals across US and India • Lead a team of 7 members to create a new fashion e-commerce site,, right from brand conceptualisation, launch strategy to digital campaign implementation • Increased client engagement and social media traffic by more than 3000% in a period of 15 days with a new product launch campaign for ITC foods • Lead the team to successfully launch an existing product, Aashirvaad Ghee in a new geography (New Delhi) with a revamped communication • Successfully ran PPC campaign for a recruitment software company with more 80% higher CTR than industry average • Improve app retention of a children’s mobile app, Worldreader – Read to kids, by devising better notification strategy • Client pitch creation and business presentation with a conversion rate of almost 12%.

System Engineer at Tata consultancy services

Jun 2011 - Apr 2014

Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore • Lead my team of 5 during super-critical network outages in the European region for renowned English, Asian and Australian banks • SPOC for major communication with premium customers for outage or any network maintenance, updating project governance deck. Responsible for client billing and budget allocation in my team


Marketing and Sales Management at IMT Ghaziabad

May 2014 - Feb 2016

I took my MBA courses in Marketing, brand management, analytics, and R, sales management. I was able to step into Social Media analytics with my Summer Internship at Simplify 360.

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...