Prakash Kumar

Consultant - Marketing, Pricing, Analytics

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Pricing Optimization Business Analytics Pricing Strategy Market Research

Prakash’s expertise includes - Strategic Planning, Market and Competitive Intelligence, Pricing Strategy and Operations, Sales Force Productivity, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurements, Quantitative Techniques used in Marketing and Sales Operations. In the field of Analytics, Prakash has worked extensively in the areas of Statistical Data Modelling, Segmentation, Forecasting, Seasonality Analysis, Data Mining, Elasticity / Optimization Models. Emerging Analytics trend – Digital Analytics, Big Data, and Visualization. He has worked with industry critical tools like SPSS, SAS, SQL, TABLEAU and external databases such as IDC, Gartner, Nielsen and so on.

Academically, Prakash is an MBA in Business Economics with Majors in Econometrics and Marketing from Delhi University. He has a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economics and Communication from the Institute of Agricultural Science, BHU.

Consulting and Research - Pricing

Pricing Strategy, New Product/Services Pricing, Discounting strategy for B2B and B2C, Pricing Optimization.

Research and Consulting - Marketing

Market Planning (Market size, growth, market share, Demand Estimation, Market Research, Marketing Analytics)

Consulting - Business Analytics

Analytics Sensitization Training, Analytics delivery - Marketing, Pricing, Operations analytics.

Strategic Market/Competitive Intelligenc

Early Warning, Strategic Response, Sales Battle Card, SWOT Analysis.


Consultant - Marketing, Pricing, Analytics


Digital Marketing at Digital Vidya

Apr 2015 - Nov 2015

Digital Marketing

Executive General Management at IIM Bangalore

Dec 2013 - Dec 2014

General Management

Marketing and Econometrics at Department of Business Economics

Jun 1999 - Apr 2001

Marketing, Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Market Research

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