Arun Parayatham

ArunParayatham PhD a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Data Analytics Algorithms Predictive Analytics Excel Machine Learning Big Data Problem Solving
Arun Kumar Parayatham has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Masters in Computer Science. Since 2000 he is working as consultant for Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation and Predictive Analytics. He is experienced in building Predictive Models and Machine Learning Tools. Also he has experience in management, innovative research and technology development. He has ability to execute projects within pre-specified constraints of time, quality and resources. His talents include team building and intellectual property (IP) generation.
He is innovative in bringing new ideas of predictive modelling through feature analysis, feature value analysis, feature exploration, feature characterisation, feature discretisation, feature reduction, feature impact ordering, impactful feature extraction. He has developed models to analyse bright and dark spots of business on top of predictive model which prescribes direct and indirect actions to optimize the business. He has worked with both structured and unstructured data.
He has an advantage of working with graduate intern students more than 20 at any time and helped many startups for proof of concepts for their business and built initial commercial products.
He is open to collaborate and partner with companies and individuals for business development.

Consultant for Data Science at Innominds

Jul 2014 - Present Is a co-innovator in 2 algorithms for which application has been submitted with US PTO for patents. Which 2 patents or journal papers have you published? : Is a co-innovator in 2 algorithms for which application has been submitted with US PTO for patents. 1.Method for searching for reliable, significant & relevant patterns 2. Distributed Algorithm (Parallel Algorithm) to find reliable, significant & relevant patterns in large datasets

Consultant Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at PurePredictive, Inc.

Jan 2013 - Present

PurePredictive is the most disruptive Predictive Analytics Solution on the market. By utilizing massive compute power and a revolutionary machine-learning factory, PurePredictive puts the ability to answer any critical business question into the hands of the executives and professionals who actually run the business.

Faculty (Resource Principal Mentor), Associate Dean at Consortium of Institutions of Higher Learning

May 2008 - Present

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is a Postgraduate program offered by a consortium of universities in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, USA with the support of State government of Andhra Pradesh. “Learning By Doing” and co-op as two important aspects of this program. He has started the Data Analytics and Data Visualisation Specialization and offer the courses Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics and Data Visualization. He is also teaching Algorithms and Data Structures, Databases, Social Computing, Computer Science Principles and Programming. Presently, he is Associate Dean for Academic Planning.


M.Tech Computer Science at JNTUH, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

May 2007 - Apr 2000

PhD Mathematics at University of Hyderabad

Dec 1993 - Aug 2000

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