Soumitra Ghosh

Founder CEO-CSO Partners

Delhi, India

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Soumitra is an entrepreneurial leader with more than two decades of experience in social sector. He is a thought leader of Civil Society development and responsible business practices. Soumitra’s innovative ideas and transforming initiatives are enriched with insights drawn from his intensive work ranging from grassroots to the international level.

Soumitra has served CRS-India as the Assistant Country Representative (Program Quality) and CCF-India as National Program Director.
In 2008, Soumitra launched CSO Partners, an initiative for strengthening the civil society organizations and to promote responsible business practices in India. .CSO Partners have incubated numerous innovative ideas to develop viable initiatives which are instrumental for transforming the social and business sector, has created strong platforms to build business-CSO partnership in the inclusive growth process and created several good examples of responsible business practices and business social responsibilities.
In search for new challenges, Soumitra has phased over from CSO Partners in 2015. Presently, he is working as a consultant to Save the Children International to help their Afghanistan Country program in organizational restructuring.

Founder and CEO at CSO Partners

Mar 2008 - Present

Founder and CEO

Program Director at CCF-India

Apr 2005 - Feb 2008

Head of Child development program spread over 15 states with 80+ NGO partners

Assistant Country Representative-PQ at CRS India

Dec 2001 - Dec 2004

Managed $ 29 million diverse programs in 16 Indian States Took lead role in organizational restructuring


MSW, Social Work at Visva-Bharati

Jan 1987 - Jan 1992

Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work

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Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
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Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
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