Anirban Pramanik

Data Scientist @ Mindtree

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Consulting and Analytics Careers Business Statistics Data Quality Quality Analysis Decision Trees Regression Models Statistical Analysis Tools Analytical Writing Statistical Programming R statistical python Mentoring New Hires Time Series Analysis Peer Mentoring SPSS
Around 13 years of experience in area of analytic, predictive modeling space .

Well versed in statistical methods/ algorithms. I hold a bachelors degree is statistics(major) and masters in computers applications

You can reach out to me for any of analytical requirements - I am interested to help in analytical in projects, training and mentoring. 

Analytic Consulting

I am interested to help individuals / teams on analytic journey, mentoring and coaching.


Data Scientist at Mindtree

Jan 2016 - Present

Currently working in Mindtree’s data science & engineering group and working for leading CPG companies. I conceptualize and design analytic solutions that bring value to global clients’ day-to-day business. Analytic practices in and around regression modeling, PCA, clustering, time series modeling and decision tree families etc. Expert in using advanced algorithms like Partial Least Square Path Modeling, PLS Regression, Bayesian Network, Random Forest, Linear Discriminant Analysis techniques. Have good knowledge in Geo- Spatial mapping, data tabulation packages (ggplot). Familiar with standard Python libraries like tensorflow, scikitearn, numpy, scipy etc. Have hands on experience (moderate to limited) on techniques like softmax regressions, deep learning implementations in tensorflow, image and digit recognition, image clustering etc. using tensorflow/ sklearn. Also have hands on knowledge to implement traditional statistical algorithms in tensorflow and compare traditional vs. deep learning models Active member of GitHub/ Kaggle/ JSS (Journal of Statistical Software) to keep a tab of modern technologies & trends in statistics and deep learning

Strategy Consultant at IBM

May 2010 - Dec 2015

Building statistical models to provide solutions to different facets of business problems in area of aerospace/ smelting/ cement/ mining industry. Have hands on experience in handling extremely huge volume of data (censor based real time feeds) data cleaning, auditing (outliers/ trends/ patterns/ exploratory data analysis), E2E automation etc. Primary area of modeling practices is regression, decision trees, time series, PLS algorithm, SQC, deploying models for real time scoring, job scheduling, creation of rules (C&DS, DM). Familiar with IBM’s CRSIP-DM methodologies and adhering to that while preparing a solution. Good knowledge in R packages (graphical and statistical), SPSS. Migrating and developing custom codes in R for SPSS is an area of interest

Business Analyst at TCS

May 2008 - Apr 2010

Worked as an insight partner with the Nielsen Company (USA), to facilitate Nielsen for research in US Retail and CPG/FMCG industry by providing analytical services. Key elements are - Understanding the consumer behavior for various FMCG/CPG products to address diverse business issues like Market Summary, Trending, Brand Shifting, Cross Purchase, Trial & Repeat. Distribution Study through client specific tool to understand issues like brand dynamics, brand health, consumer fit w/ brands, product comparison. Have good exposure of Pepsi Food Service. Have knowledge in US retail industry and across various channels, like Mass/ Drug/ Convenience/ Grocery/Home Improvement etc

IMRB International at Business Analyst

Jan 2006 - Apr 2008

Evaluation of effectiveness of various promotional activity (Primarily for Unilever Pakistan) for Soap/ Shampoo/ Skincare/ Detergent products. Worked on SPSS (Version 14.0 and above) on cluster analysis, linear regression etc.


MCA at Vellore Institute of Technology

Apr 2002 - May 2005

Statistics Honors at Calcutta University

Jan 1999 - Jan 2002

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